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Are you a local business committed to progressive sustainability and waste-consciousness?
Have you ditched single-use disposable items? Do you have a bring your own container program?
Do you offer tools that reduce ones eco-footprint?
Are your products package free?

If your business is committed to helping its customers reduce their waste and overall eco-footprint, we want to hear from you! Please email us hello@wasteconsciousliving.ca and tell us how your business is rocking sustainability and we will feature you in our local spotlight!  Thanks in advance for your amazing work!

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Owned and operated by two amazing badass women – Allisha and Rochelle

Check out what they do!

Waste Management – commercial recycling or compost pick up is not available at where are our brewery is located. So we hired a local company who provided us with recycling and compost bins that picks up our waste when they are full. We also have appointed one of our team member to be our Green Queen to ensure waste is diverted to the right place and that the rest of our staff are following the rules.

Refillable containers – from the beginning we have had a growler/howler refill program for bulk kombucha. Patron can purchase our 32oz and 64oz bottles and bring them back for exchange or fill at one of our 5 refill stations or to the market.

Bottle return program – we encourage our retailers and patrons to return all of our kombucha bottles. We use everything. If a customer brings back 12 of each size bottle we give them a free one. We also pay extra to make sure our labels are waterproof so we don’t have to peel them off and replace them. To date we’ve never had to replace a label.

Products – we try to make sure that as much of our paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products are eco-certified so that we can minimize the impact of our production that goes down the drain.

Cooling – we use a cooling system to cool down our kombucha. It uses cold water that could go down the sink but instead we purchased a large food grade bin that we capture the water and reuse it every time.

Procurement – we support local. We purchase our ingredients and items in BC as much as possible. Our ingredients are almost 100% organic and/or ethically sourced. Nothing from China here.

Extras – we encourage our staff to carpool as much as possible and we’re currently looking into being put on the wait list for the Adopt a stream program.

For more information about Allisha and Rochelle check out their website.