Slow Fashion: The Greenest Way to Shop

A look at a few of our favourite local brands and boutiques that are doing style the right way!

As someone who is a reformed shopping addict, I have definitely fallen into the trap of following trends and approaching my closet with a fast fashion mindset. The term fast fashion essentially refers to retailers, clothing companies and brands that try to make trendy clothing that is quickly and cheaply available to consumers. These pieces are not built to last multiple seasons, they are expected to be replaced once the next trend hits the shelves. The problem with this method is the sheer amount of waste that it creates. According to a 2017 Forbes article, 12.8 million tons of clothing are sent to landfills in the US every year. That’s not to mention the water pollution and use of toxic chemicals that goes into creating a lot of the cheap, trendy pieces out there. These pieces end up in landfills due partly to this fast fashion mentality, and because these articles of clothing often fall apart before they can even make it to thrift stores and consignment boutiques. Thankfully, there is a very low waste solution to this problem: simply start your shopping trips at the second hand source. Today I’m sharing just a few of my favourite local brands and boutiques that are changing the fashion industry status quo in our community.

Frock and Fellow

441 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N8

Frock has been a staple consignment boutique in Kelowna for several years now, and since the move to their new Bernard Ave location they have transformed into Frock and Fellow – a consignment boutique for men and women! In a city where high quality and stylish men’s wear can be difficult to find, it’s so great to see a boutique that is providing exactly that, as well as championing second hand goods and leaving a lighter environmental footprint. Owner Chantelle and manager Arden both have such a great eye for pre-owned and vintage pieces, you can really feel the love that goes into their shop. The style ranges from casual to formal, and it’s easy to find pieces to suit just about everyone’s personal style. My absolute favourite thing about Frock is their incredible shoe selection; shoes are one of those things that can be really tricky to find second hand, especially if you’re someone who appreciates a beautiful pair of shoes. Frock and Fellow’s selection is always well kept, high quality and so fun!

Georgie Girl Vintage

1331 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1Z9

Shopping for vintage and second hand apparel has been a lifelong habit for Angie Bricker, owner of Georgie Girl. This was born out of the love of a great thrift fashion find and the creativity it ignites inside her! Having also been committed to environmental issues all her life, she is thrilled to be able to offer gorgeous clothing to people who could adore and appreciate the everlasting beauty of many of the garments from past era’s.

Angie and her team at Georgie Girl are committed to not only offering great quality vintage apparel, they also offer a wide selection of new organic slow fashion clothing lines including Earth and Elle from Pemberton, BC. The Georgie Girls are on board with the plastic-free movement and offer their customers paper bags that can be reused and recycled. More efforts are in the works to reduce their garbage output this year as they ramp up their awareness about waste. Angie states that many of her customers refuse packaging all together, which is music to their ears!

Lightly Goods



Lightly Goods is a curated shop featuring neutral, easy, luxe vintage wear. From just a quick scroll through their Instagram page, it’s easy to see that each of these pieces is hand selected with a focus on quality, style and a great fit. Lightly Goods was created with the belief that new doesn’t always mean better and luxury quality vintage shouldn’t be expensive or difficult to find. Owner and curator Nicole Gerber says:

“In our current state of consumerism, we buy fast and we buy cheap. This works well for our busy lifestyles, but not so much for the longevity of the earth. When it comes to thinking on a planetary scale, we have to slow down and be mindful of our choices. By slowing down the process of purchasing clothing, we re-focus our energies on a tactile re-engagement with what we own. The choices we make become more meaningful and long-lasting.”

Whether you’re hoping to choose one mindful and ethical piece per season, or you just want a few basics that don’t cost your wallet or the planet, Lightly Goods aims to be a one-stop shop for the conscious consumer. You can find all available pieces in the Lightly Goods Etsy shop. If you are an Okanagan Local, Nicole is happy to arrange a meeting / pick-up time for customers to receive their items directly – simply use code LOCAL on Etsy for free “shipping.”

Lost Together

301 Highway 33 #42 Kelowna, BC V1X 1X8

Lost Together is one of the newest additions to Kelowna’s pre-loved boutiques! Owner Shannon’s love for vintage was discovered at a young age while scouring the bins of her local second hand shop and making an impact with her style. Today the feeling of elation that comes from finding beautiful and unique pieces has not diminished and she strives to build connections through clothing. 

It was while working as a stylist that Shannon saw the impact that fast fashion has on the environment. She combined her passions for vintage and sustainable fashion and brought them to life in her store. It is apparent upon first entering that you should discard any preconceived notions you may have about shopping second hand, this store is thoughtfully organized and Shannon has created a vibe to celebrate clothing. The integrity of what she is putting on her racks is just as important to Shannon as carrying pieces that will suit every woman’s personal style and size. She thrives on finding clothes that create confidence and individuality in each woman rather than catering to a specific demographic of woman for her clothing. Shannon believes that it’s easy to build an ethical and sustainable wardrobe by simply buying and wearing vintage and previously loved clothing. Thinking sustainably and buying from local thrift shops can also lead to spending less on clothing and finding unique pieces and the stories that come with them.

Love It Again



I discovered Love It Again at the Kelowna Farmers Market a few years ago and was immediately enthralled by the unique designs and beautiful fabric choices made by owner and designer Stephanie Walker. Stephanie’s process is simple – she takes old clothing and fabrics and makes them new again by re-designing & re-conditioning the clothing so that you can “Love It Again.” Each piece is unique and designed with the love and care that should be necessary of all the garments we purchase. Her clothes are simple, easy to wear, comfortable and beautiful. I particularly love her collection of maxi dresses, they make the perfect addition to a spring/summer wardrobe. You can find Love It Again at the Kelowna Farmer’s Market from April to October, and online at http://www.loveitagain.ca.

Is there someone we’ve missed? Shoot us an email to hello@wasteconsciousliving.ca so we can include them in future posts.