Waste Conscious Tips

8 Ways to Simplify Your Shower Routine!

Looking to “flush” the plastic packaging out of your bathroom routine? Look no further! Here are some waste-conscious tips for simplifying your shower routine. Remember – as with all good things, time is of the essence; don’t feel like you have to get all of this done in one day. In fact, that’s often how we burn out! Start with one thing…then move to the next. 🙂
  • Dry Brush – Ditch that plastic luffa, it isn’t doing you or the planet any favours! Replace it with a reusable dry brush and use it before you hop in the shower. Did you know dry brushing helps to remove dead skin cells and improves blood flow? Talk about glowing skin!
  • Bamboo Hair Brush – We’ve had one of these brushes for about 5+ years now – how’s that for longevity?! This brush gets bonus points for being gentle on hair and washable, which helps it last for years, rather than months! 
  • Solid Shampoo Bar – Such an easy swap, this little yellow gem provides the equivalent washes of 3 medium shampoo bottles, without the waste. Amazing, right? This one is from Lush, but we’re keen to discover a more local version…if you know of anyone in the Okanagan crafting solid shampoo bars, let us know!  
  • Coconut Oil – What can’t coconut oil do?? We love to use it as a conditioner for our hair, either before shampooing (if you have normal to oily hair [focusing on the ends]), or after (if you have very dry or damaged hair). It’s great as a shave oil too!
  • Natural Bar Soap – We l-o-v-e the variety of natural bars of soap that can be found at local farmers/crafters markets! Be sure to keep a lookout for deals: often vendors will offer a discount if you buy in bulk! We look for the ones that are package free of course, which lets the natural beauty of the soap shine!
  • Natural Raw Honey – Honey is the bee’s knees when it comes to waste conscious face cleansers, and easily found locally at markets or directly from the source! Work a quarter-sized dollop across your lightly wet face and lips, rinse with water for naturally glowing skin.  
  • DIY Head to Toe Whipped Body Butter – This recipe is courtesy of Trash Is For Tossers (check her out) and it is uh-mazing! Melt 1/4 cup each of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and almond oil, together over a double boiler until combined. Remove from heat and put in fridge to solidify. Once solid, whip content with an electric mixer, until it about doubles in size, put in a sealed container and slather over every inch of your face and bod! (Optional, you can add your fav essential oil for fragrance.) 
  • Lavender or other natural elements – Replace harmful air freshener in your bathroom with natural soothing smelling elements like dried lavender, which I picked in the fall from my garden.
Hope you’ve been inspired to evaluate your shower routine! If you have questions, tips to share, or local Okanagan businesses who we need to know about please leave us a comment!